Women Empowerment

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In this male dominated society to be born as girl and to choose our own path and to blossom as a confident woman is something every girl wants, to get a chance to dream and to and fulfill those dreams.

But as we grow up we think of what people say about us how people perceive us , what we should do and what we shouldn’t, this becomes an ongoing battle for every girl. In our conservative society where it becomes necessary to abide the rules laid down by our elders sometime it becomes difficult to find our own way and to go in that direction.

Taking your own decision in doing something you like to do doesn’t mean you are disrespecting anyone it only means you are doing something which makes you happy. The first thing being a woman is to understand that you have all the rights to be happy . When we are happy from within we can keep our surroundings happier.

With all the struggle that women go through in her life with immense power  she endures the pain of childbirth, the fear of losing, the climb towards greater career opportunities, to keep everyone surrounding happy, to work nonstop all day to keep her family going, she does everything so gracefully and with dignity , but when it comes to her own happiness why woman takes backseat and sacrifices her happiness for others?

No.. being an woman doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice in every stage of her life , lets take stand lets try to be happy lets hear what our voice tells us lets find the best way which our heart desires , no problem if we fail in our attempts there is no success comes easily . with those struggles to achieve our dreams we will find our inner happiness.

The only truth of life is to be happy in your own skin to do what your heart wants whether it is man or woman everyone has equal opportunity in life , it is only how we take those opportunities and how we go with it.





6 thoughts on “Women Empowerment

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