download-6Hi guys today i am writing something that i have never done, writing a review on movie which is very unusual for me as i am not expert in writing reviews on movie, so i dont want to call it as review, this is just an experience i want to share with my readers.

Amitab Bachan starrer this Bollywood movie directed by Anirudha Roy Chowdhary Pink is intense,emotional and indisputably one of the finest movie of the year.Critics are right when they have given this movie ****1/2 stars that everyone is going to love this movie.Excellent performance by Big B, Taapsee Pannu,Kriti Kulhari. Pink is the combination of how society judges single women, the pre-conceived notions about women not staying with their parents, the assumption that if women receive male visitors at home then they must be bad, the stereotyping of women from certain communities.

I urge everyone to watch this movie,Pink mirrors the harsh reality of the male dominating society.You will not be the same person after watching it,I witnessed every girl in theater was crying every boy was thinking and silent, it left me speechless,have you experienced the feeling that a film has engrossed you so much that you don’t want to talk to anyone because you want to absorb it.This happened to me for the first time after watching this movie, Everyone irrespective of age should watch this movie this will change the way you look at the things.

If you can sum up the movie in some line it says

When a girl is alone it’s not an opportunity it’s a responsibility,when she says NO, She means NO Brilliant movie #Pink



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