From a young age we women are categorized as per our body type, too slim, too fat. It is very easy for someone else to call names or to say directly about how they look. I experienced this all my life as i am “over weight” as per society standards, it always used to bug me a lot growing up, i used to feel shy in public , always used to think i am less important based on how i look, but as i grew it really became not so important for me, as i stopped asking for approval from someone else, i stopped looking myself from someone else’s eyes, all that matters to me is being healthy and feeling confident.

Body shaming is not only meant for fat people, some women simply don’t have curves. A women doesn’t need curves to be real. “Real” women should embrace themselves for who are they and build other women up in the process, not tear them down. Only when we realize that we are all created equally and unique in our own ways, we will be able to succeed.

Stop body shaming, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. Dont criticize someone without knowing their journey in life, dont judge someone only based on their appearance.


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