Give Me Some Sunshine,
Give Me Some Rain,
Give Me Another Chance,
I Wanna Grow Up Once Again…

Today i am nostalgic… remembering the best days of my life …my childhood.We were in village the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, life was soo simple, the time where the only thing in mind was to have lots of fun in each and everything , miss that innocence, that carefree, stress free, tension free, untroubled, undemanding, peaceful, simple yet beautiful life. All the festivals used to look soo beautiful then ,there was soo much of happiness surrounded. We all used to sit in our lawn and have long chats everyday, play games, if someone cooks anything special that dish used to reach every house in neighborhood. If there is any function in any house everyone used to come and help irrespective of age. Troubles never seemed big as there were so many to share everything.

All the happiness went as we grew many of us went to cities for higher education, for jobs, after some years our parents also came to city to live with us. Our village now seems soo empty , few friends are their they also say it is too boring here as they all miss us.

Life took all of us in so many different directions , those daily conversations have gone, all are busy in their own life, now we just wish each other on festivals and miss those golden days of life, and miss our beautiful village. There is empty place in my heart as i miss my place my native soo much.

I went to abroad seen so many wonderful places met awesome people but no place can replace my village for me. No one can replace our childhood friends and our neighbors .I know we all have that place where we have spent our childhood, no place can replace it. Whatever we are today is just because of the foundation that was laid in our childhood.



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