We often judge others when we get stuck in the trap of thinking our way is the only way. And when our minds become closed, the more we think we are right, the worse we feel and the more stubborn we become. We always want to be accepted unconditionally, but we rarely accept others.We tend to project our own values and beliefs on others and if others fall in line with what we value and believe, we judge them as “good” and the rest as “bad”.

It’s the safest mechanism to convince our self that the way we are living is right and others who dont match are wrong. I know at some point of time we all are guilty of judging others, because it makes us feel safe, as we have defined a person and we know how to act accordingly. We move on to the next person and do the same until our entire social circle is defined. It helps give us a sense of control of safety.

Once we stop judging others and have a open mind for people and for situation our life will become more easy without any drama and more simple. Why to judge anyone else why to define someone else’s personality? Les stop it lets have a loving and beautiful life. There are many things in life to achieve rather than judging someone else and labeling them .





22 thoughts on “JUDGE LESS ACCEPT MORE

  1. Heartafire says:

    Some things are acceptable and some are not. To recognize unacceptable behavior is forming a judgement and it based on beliefs that are deep rooted. For example our rep candidate for President believes we need a white Christian country, to step back in time. Some if us have formed a judgement that that is racist and wrong. We are judging him. May we always look deeply into the character and determine what is acceptable. In other words we must make a judgment. Right now life is not that simple.

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  2. Tosom says:

    Touched!!! How we waste most of our lives judging others. Petty, right? Such insightful reading is must, in once in a while. Absolutely loved the post. 😘😘😘

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  3. Colette B says:

    re. another comment: Must be a very difficult and quite frightening time in the US just now. From the other side of the planet I fear the result and am currently avoiding all news (other than local radio) to innoculate myself as much as poss from the propoganda campaigns. Very best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your inspirational post and for visiting BW 🙂

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