We have all heard the saying that Change is the only constant and that is the reality. In every stage of life we encounter change, whether it is good or bad we have to take it and move forward. I have seen many changes in my life and every time it hurts to transit from one thing to other or from one place to other place. After living in India all my life i moved to USA and instantly fell in love with the country. Beautiful place , nice people, nice environment . But after some years there comes a hard decision for us to leave that place and move back to our country, dont get me wrong i always wanted to be in my own country with all my family and friends surrounding , but still i miss that time, miss those things and places, but as the time passed i got adjusted with where my life is taking me. But i know again time will come to change and i should be ready for that.

One of the most important skills I have learned is to embrace change. You cant avoid or resist it. Yes, there is almost always some fear and even anxiety as you anticipate the worst, so step back, BREATHE, and sit in those feelings for a moment and believe in yourself you have gone through a lot of changes and came out with flying colours every time. If we don’t face and embrace our fears, we resist them, and this creates even more anxiety and fear, resulting in even more wasted energy — a vicious cycle.

So every time there comes time for change take a leap of faith and believe in yourself and go with flow. And trust me you will feel better at the end of the day, because you know you have done something good for yourself.


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