What a great revolution what a great thinking by Mr Narendra Modi our beloved Prime Minister, Modiji made the decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes casting it as a fight against corruption. And for this decision our whole nation is with him. Today there is trending topic in twitter #i am with modi and i think it is so opt at this point of time to support the decision taken by our government. Yes i can understand people are going through lots of trouble to get money out of the bank and to deposit, but every one who are struggling they are also telling we are proud Indians and we are fighting against the corruption. No problem if we suffer for one or two months but this disease of corruption will vanish for some extent, and everyone is happy for that.

In last 70 years no political party dared to take such bold decision, no politician would have had this will power. Modi is not a Politician but a Real Leader.



12 thoughts on “# I AM WITH MODI

  1. Fijay says:

    Yep …it makes sense to me (although I’m not Indian or an Economist) keep it clean and corruption free then maybe India won’t be ‘bought’ by any global Psychopaths
    You can always trust a Yogi …..don’t let us down now Mr Modi we will all be looking to you VERY soon I feel!

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      1. Fijay says:

        Yep …from what I see of the guy he is really worth listening to …India is pretty much set up for a new way of doing things for the 21st century ….many MANY young people skilled in the fields of engineering,science and technology ….skilled craftspeople …organic food production ….creatives …a wonderfully rich cultural heritage …everyone across the world is crying out for ‘change’ ….my appeal to Mr Modi would be to nurture the best of Indian culture ( modern and traditional) and roll it out …I believe he is working at the moment to protect India’s interests and corruption …and as I said …you can usually trust a guy who lives by Yogic principles although by many they are often thought to be a bit bonkers to start with:D:D:D

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  2. Rishabh Jain says:

    21st Century will be “Century of The East”. India and China will play the lead. And it is the good luck of us indians, that our leader is Mr.Narendra Modi who dosent speak but roars.

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