Hey  guys today i thought of listing down the ways to use patanjali alove vera gel, if you cant get this product near you , you can use any alove vera gel it works exactly the same, just keep in mind that you are using pure alove vera gel. Alove vera is the best beauty agent which gives glowing soft skin instantly.Here are some unique ways to use this wonderful product hope you like it.

How I use this Patanjali aloe vera gel

Face Primer: You can use this aloe vera gel like face primer and then apply your foundation so that the face look matte and softer.

BB cream: You can mix some of your foundation with this aloe vera gel and then apply on the face to make a homemade BB cream.

Face pack Mixing: Mix some of this alove vera gel into the powder face pack. You can add it with multani mitti and apply on your face leave for 20 mins and wash off

Dry skin: If you have dry skin then mix some vitamin E oil and this aloe vera gel then apply on the face at night to keep the skin nourished. Vitamin E is available in the capsule form on medical stores.

Dark Circles: You can use this aloevera gel under and over your eyes and massage nicely to give them some cooling sensation and to get rid of darkness.

Aloe vera face Pack: Apply this aloe vera gel to your face and massage  and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash your face.

Detanning face pack: Add some turmeric powder and make a paste with aloe vera gel. apply on the tanned area leave it for 20 mins and rinse off.




      1. allsortblog says:

        My lilly was only young when she had exma nothing work from the doctor so i bought myself a aloe vera plant 1 week of cutting the poor thing apart cured lilly exma but the plant is still growing strong! Theres a picture of it on my blog couldnt believe it survived.

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