Every Failure Takes You One Step Closer To Success

Failure is one word i always hated i know everyone does , but whenever i faced failure it always knocked me down. I used to feel like i am not good enough. That is how our mind works i think but as we grow it becomes more clear that there is nothing in this world we can get easily for everything we have to fight and in that fight we will face failure and we have to face it, i learnt it hard way and now i realized that whenever i failed in something it really motivates me to do better and succeed.

Sometimes it really hurts very bad when u know you have given your 100 % but still you couldn’t succeed, it really pisses us a lot right…I know we have all in one or other situation felt this way . But believe in yourself if you have faced this much you can face even more and reach your goal. I am not quitting….. each failure is making me strong and filling my mind with more strength to achieve even more in life .

Lets show this tough life we are tougher


10 thoughts on “Every Failure Takes You One Step Closer To Success

  1. Maitreyi says:

    So true… that last line of yours… “Lets show this tough life that we are tougher” totally believe in that… love this line so much hehe thanks for sharing… love the post dear 😊😘😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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