Stop Judging start accepting everyone – Stop fat shaming

I hate to say this that our society is obsessed with judging everyone else and not themselves​.

We are a society that is obsessed with everything – race, caste, colour, weight, financial status.This is not to say that everyone is obsessed with all of the above but it is true that everyone is particular about one or more of the above. 

Fat is bad, dark is ugly, thin is sickly. I wish people would stop telling me what they think will work best for me.

I am tired of people being surprised every time they offer me dessert and I refuse immediately they just say are u on diet??? Common don’t u have any other thing to say or what about keeping quite.

I am tired of this everyday barrage of advice that I receive about my weight, exercise and calorie counting techniques. I believe that I am healthy, and I have a normal appetite. I want to love myself, but society makes it difficult for me to do so.

I don’t mind if it is coming from one who really cares and gives valid suggestions . But most of the time it just comes from your relatives or friends who don’t have any good thing to say about anyone they just pass comment infront of everyone without even realising how the other person will feel. I don’t understand who gave u that right to say anything to me ..It’s in our upbringing that we don’t argue with elders that’s why they take advantage of the situation.

Just mind your own business and stop passing comments on others


6 thoughts on “Stop Judging start accepting everyone – Stop fat shaming

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Yep, been on a lot of the sides – when i was 61kgs i was called sick, proana and all that, when i was at 120+kgs due to eating from depression nobody cared about the why as long as they were able to call me names. whenever i go out fully styled and dressed they shout names at me – after a while i started to not care or notice but my friends do and it saddens me that anyone thinks it is ok to shame somebody else (which usually is because they feel bad about something that they dont like about themselves)

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    1. cthroughmyeyessite says:

      Soo true …I don’t understand who gave anybody the rights to comment on others appearance..You never know what the other person is going through ..My motto is to make people understand to mind their own business..If they don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything


  2. Frank says:

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